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Nowroozzadeh, P.C. Practice Areas:

Business Transactions

Most small businesses cannot afford to hire and retain their own
in-house legal counsel. Of course, those businesses also have
legal needs. Nowroozzadeh, P.C. provides affordable services targeted directly for small businesses. Amir routinely guides clients on issues relating to business formation, business operations, regulatory compliance, purchases of businesses and business succession. 

Wills & Estate Planning

We all work very hard to create a comfortable lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones. To protect these assets and tocare for our future generations, it is critical to have an estate plan. It is not only for the rich or elderly to design estate plans, but everyone should, at a minimum, maintain a will to help direct and guide the family during the difficult emotions of death.


Historic Preservation

Historic preservation law represents the culmination of three related areas of law: real estate, taxation, and government social incentive.  By working to preserve historic structures and districts, we add character to the community, increase property values, promote economic growth, create jobs, and protect the achievements and struggles of generations previous.


Amir is active with local historical organizations to help protect and promote areas of cultural significance.  Our dedication to this practice area is focused on providing guidance and legal assistance to individuals who are interested and may benefit from current preservation laws and tax credits while serving organizations dedicated to the cause of historic preservation.

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